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When someone needs legal guidance through an injury that they received because of someone else’s actions, the attorneys at Lawyers Plus stand ready. Our entire legal team is tenacious and relentless in our work on behalf of our clients. Our main office is located in Southern Nevada, and we are an active regional law firm. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Car Accident in California but Live in Nevada?

California car accident and live in Las Vegas? If you were visiting California and were involved in a serious car accident the attorneys at Lawyers Plus are prepared to help you. We are able to fully represent our clients who have experienced a California injury. You can meet with a California attorney near your Las Vegas or Henderson home who will be the attorney that will represent you throughout your case.

You need to know your attorney personally and at Lawyers Plus you will experience how much we care. Hiring an attorney in an entirely different state will not facilitate the type of relationship you can create with an attorney in your own backyard.

Local Las Vegas Attorney for your California Car Accident

Aggressive Representation

Taking rapid, aggressive legal action to protect the interests of injured and grieving people is the central focus of our team. We have obtained numerous sizeable settlements and verdicts for personal injury sufferers and the families of wrongful death victims.

In personal injury cases ranging from car accidents and to medical malpractice and recreational accidents, we seek the best possible result for our clients by conducting rigorous investigations in every case we handle. We apply the latest technology and tap into the expertise of medical professionals to build strong arguments for compensation on our clients’ behalf. We take a firm stance with insurance companies and others who often have far different priorities.

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When you need a personal injury attorney in Nevada because of an accident that happened in California, contact Lawyers Plus right away for a free consultation. We will dedicate our efforts to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family. Call 702-912-4451 or use our contact form.